FAQ - Volleyball

A. Yes, each athlete is required to have an up-to-date AAU card before registering for tryouts.  Athletes will need our current club code, that can be found here: volleyball-tryouts

Get you AAU Card here:

A. The differences include a shorter season, less expenses, less travel, and tournaments are typically one-day events for the Local teams. The Local season is great for athletes newer to club sports or those who cannot commit to a full National or Regional level of training and travel. Our National and Regional teams are a higher level of competition and should expect more travel and two-day tournaments, which can increase costs.

A. If your daughter or son is considering trying out for one of our 12u teams, here are some things
to note and to consider. If the answer is ‘yes’ to the following, he/she is ready to tryout a competitive Regional or National team.

  • Does your child serve from at or near the end line and overhand?
  • Does your child go for the ball aggressively and call it?
  • Does your child to pass the ball to a target?
  • Does your child have some prior camp/clinic experience?
  • Does your child have a positive attitude and can accept feedback?

A. Midwest aims to provide affordable developmental sports opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Costs will vary depending on team. Final cost updates will be available for each team level prior to tryouts.

A. The club fee will cover the costs of training and competing. Uniforms, backpacks and other merchandise will be separate expenses.

A. No. If your team goes to Nationals (a tournament held in Florida), that will be a separate cost divided between the team.  *All National teams do not make this trip!

A. Midwest is proud to partner with talented and competitive coaches from the community and area schools. Coaching assignments change each season as we determine the best fit for our coaches, teams and athletes. Our coaches and their bios will be updated and posted on our website as they become available.

Meet our coaches here!

A. We adhere to the AAU guidelines for age divisions. Please refer to the AAU site for help determining age requirements.

A. Most teams will practice at the Battle Creek Family Y Center’s Multi-Sports Complex. Frequency of practices and duration is determined by the season. Practice twice a week is standard.

A. Midwest is proud to offer both a winter and spring team schedule. Tryouts are in the fall for our National, Regional, and winter Local teams (Jan-Mar). Tryouts are in the spring for our spring Local teams (April-May). Following fall tryouts, National teams make original rosters. Next up are Regional teams, followed by Local teams. Coaches consider skill level, age, and position when making these rosters. The National team offers go out first. Inevitably, players will decline. An offer is then sent to the athlete(s) best fit for the open roster spot. The previous steps repeat until the National team is complete. The exact process will then begin for the Regional teams. The Regional offers get posted next. Once there is a full roster for the Regional teams, the process will continue for the Local teams. Athletes will be told  how long they have to accept their offer and complete registration. If at any time the adjustments made to the original roster indicate the team is not competing at the originally intended level, the club may choose to change the level of competition or cancel the team.