What's Our Why?

A group of volleyball-minded moms, some coaches & some not, were sharing thoughts of what they valued in club volleyball. Clearly, each woman has different personal goals and interests, and from this the vision of Midwest Select Volleyball was born.

The Battle Creek area needed a volleyball program that was competitive, with highly trained coaching staff, and where athletes have the flexibility to accommodate playing multiple sports. Competitive tournaments were a must to get the exposure of some of the more demanding clubs. Reasonable team fees were a major priority of the group to make sure families could afford to play while offering fundraising options for those who would like them.

There was a vision of teams traveling together, and allowing athletes to travel with their teammates, which helps parents who, so often, are pulled in different directions between other children and work.

As the club continues to grow so does the vision and the needs and wants of our athletes. Expanding into other sports to make practices easier, and keeping many siblings under the same roof, is a way we can help families while offering high-level competitive programs.

We are proud of how MWS started and what we have brought to this area in recent years.  We thank you all for your support and can’t wait to continue to watch the club, and our athletes, grow and develop